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There are some wounds, there is some pain, that can only be held and healed within community of like-minded women in collaboration with Spirit. Likewise, there is a level of nourishment and celebration that is difficult to experience outside of community.

Through the workshops and rituals offered here I am dedicated to creating a safe, grounded, nurturing container aligned with Spirit where deep healing, transformation and celebration arise organically.


Past Events

Healing Multi-Generational Pain and Trauma: You and Your Ancestors

tree-66465_1920September 12, 2016 (live/virtual) – learn how to be in a conscious, collaborative relationship with your healthy Ancestors that leads to immense support, love, guidance, healing and ease in your daily life.

In this complimentary class you will learn how the wounds and trauma of past generations affect your life today. You will receive suggestions and guidelines for how to begin to shift these unhealthy patterns and uncover the gifts and strengths of your lineage.

August 29, 2014 The 4th Annual Ritual of Letting Go

2014 Monthly Ritual Circle

May 25 2014 Reconnecting with our Wombs and Feminine Nature

May 8 2014 The Medicine of Trees Workshop and Ritual

July 18 2013 The 3rd Annual Ritual of Letting Go

February-April 2013 Experiencing the Elements for Healing, Connection and Transformation