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bleedingheartCare of the Care Giver

October 1-2, 2016, Salem, OR – Caring for others is a dangerous job as it is often practiced.

The number of people caring for loved ones continues to grow; unfortunately, there is little training or support for this lay population. Caring for others can be a healing practice for the carer. Sadly it often literally sucks the life out.

Join myself and my favorite self-care mentor, Richard Valasek, for two days as we explore how caring for others can be a path of healing and transformation for the carer.

This workshop is open to everyone (women AND men) and will be especially useful for those caring for terminally ill or elderly parents or loved ones as well as parents, healers, social workers, counselors or other medical practitioners.

More information coming soon.

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Already Happened

Rituals and Nature-Based Workshops:

The 4th Annual Ritual of Letting Go: water24

It is time to take all that has built up around us and in us to the water for release and purification. Join me for a ritual honoring the waters and releasing all that no longer serves.



dogwoodflowerReconnecting with our Wombs and our Feminine Nature

You are invited to an evening devoted to exploring the sacredness of your feminine nature. This mini workshop and ritual will be facilitated by Kathryn Kloos, ND, and myself.



2011-09-30_11-20-56_915The Medicine of Trees Ritual and Workshop:

Come spend a day in the forest with me!

Join me for a day of deep nourishment, ritual, and magic… beginning in front of a cozy fire and concluding in the old growth forest of Oxbow Park.




water16The 3rd Annual Women’s Ritual of Letting Go:  It’s time to once again take all of the stuff that has built up around us (and in us) to the water to be released, cleansed, and purified.

This ritual will be held at the ocean outside of Gearhart, Oregon.




Trees on LakeshoreExperiencing the Elements for Healing, Connection and Transformation: 5 sessions over 10 weeks experiencing the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral and Nature in order to deepen our relationship with ourselves, each other, nature, and Spirit.




Self-Care and Shiva Nata (Dance of Shiva) inspired goodness:

Ortho-Bionomy workshops: