Healing Sessions

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Personal Healing Session.

1 hour, in person, in my office or over Skype. You have some issue (physical or emotional pain, a pattern that keeps you stuck, a difficult transition or crisis, a desire to go deeper, etc) you want gain awareness, healing, and resolution around.

Our work together is highly engaged (unless you are in need of quiet and deep inward focus) and will likely include any or all of the following: hands-on bodywork (Ortho-Bionomy), energetic (hands-off) work, healing songs, guided sensing/inward journey work…

The healing in a session emerges from a deep sense of presence, acceptance, fluidity and a focus on what *is* working. We follow the ease always staying connected to comfort and safety within our bodies.

$125 (single session)

The 4-Session Package.

Four 1-hour sessions, in person, in my office. Same procedure as above but with the opportunity to take the work deeper into our bodies and into our lives.

$415 ($104/session)

The No-Risk First Session Guarantee: I offer a full refund if, within 24 hours of your first session, you decide this work is not for you. Many people experience a significant relief from pain or anxiety after one session but this outcome is not guaranteed. You may not be free of pain or even feel any better after one session but you will be able to experience my work risk-free and decide for yourself if it is worth continuing.

Hours (by appointment):

Thursdays 9:00am–2:30pm in person in Portland, OR
Contact me for availability for Skype/phone sessions. Varies by week. In general:  Monday mornings and Wednesday/Friday afternoons.


New office location as of September 1, 2014.

3804 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR  97214


503.975.3300 | larisa (at) larisanoonan dot com


Getting started:

  1. Email me (or call if you prefer) and let me know you want to work with me. Please let me know what days work best for you (see my schedule above). I will email you back with my first available days and times.
  2. If you have elected to pay with a credit card, click the appropriate button above to make your payment. Payment by credit card is expected to be received in full prior to your appointment.
  3. Download, fill out, and bring your intake form to your first appointment. Click to download the Intake Form (pdf).
  4. Show up on time, pay for your session (if paying with check or cash) and we’ll get started!

Notes about your visit:

  • You will remain fully clothed, in loose comfortable clothes, throughout the session. This is not massage although you will be lying or sitting on a massage table. There is no oil involved.
  • I accept cash, personal check, or credit card. If paying by credit card, payment must be received prior to scheduling. Cash or check is expected at the time of service, prior to the actual session.
  • The package of four can either be paid in a lump sum or in two payments of $207.50.
  • A treatment plan will be determined at your first session if selecting the Four Session Package. The four sessions must be used within four months.

My promises to you:

  • To be your partner, not your expert. I know there is deep wisdom within you. I help you find and access that wisdom. If I play expert, you will not be able to access your own wisdom. To that end, I will not impose my personal beliefs or ideologies on you; rather, I will help you access your own.
  • To listen… to you, to your stories, to your body. To help you learn how to listen deeply to yourself.
  • To trust you and your body. To trust that you know exactly what you need. You might not know right now. You will know.
  • To model self-care. Through-out our time together, I commit to modeling and sharing my own Self-Care practices. It’s Jedi self-care training! Your body will get it whether we actually talk about it or not.
  • To celebrate! with you. Our bodies are our lifelong companions. Every step you take that deepens your relationship with your body is worth celebrating.

But, why should you trust me with your pain? Click here to read a bit about me.

If you haven’t already, I recommend downloading and reading my free Owl Eyes guidebook prior to us working together. Click here to get it.