You’re looking for something deeper.

You’ve done a lot of personal growth and healing work. You’ve been to therapy, and workshops, and classes, and have your own practice to work with what comes up for you in your life.

And yet, there are some issues that you still struggle with.

And you’re looking for new ways to work with them that are effective and that meet  you where you are–with the considerable wisdom and knowledge you bring to the healing journey.

How I approach healing.

My work combines the subtle energy work of Ortho-Bionomy, the spiritual practices of specific nature-based traditions, and a deep grounding in my own personal healing journey.

My approach to healing rests in accessing the natural wisdom of the body, utilizing the healing power of nature and ritual, and teaching the transformative practice of deep self-care.

The common thread in my work is connecting to the wisdom inherent in our body, in nature, and in Spirit.

By accessing these sources of wild wisdom, we can re-align ourselves with who we are meant to be and find the healing we seek.

Dena June 2014Your healing sessions are unique.

Primarily, I appreciate your truly holistic approach. The word “holistic” is thrown around a lot in the healing profession, but your work truly embodies it in the sense that you look at the whole picture, on each level: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

When you check in with me at the beginning of each session, I feel that you are deeply listening to what is up for me on each of those levels, and that you apply what you have heard directly to the work you do with me during the session.

After a session I feel calm, centered, and reconnected to my body.

The suggestions you offer for “homework” or things to do between sessions are always helpful and practical. Dena DeCastro, Astrologer, Writer

My clients come to me when…

  • a transition, loss, or crisis offers a painful opportunity for healing, and they want to make sense of their experience and find a way through that is healthy
  • a long-standing pattern is resistant to change, and they want to approach it in a new way
  • they feel a desire or calling for deeper connection with themselves, their body or with Spirit.

“I was blown away at the depth of healing that I experienced in the water ritual we did.

There is a fullness and naturalness to the experience that felt like how we are naturally meant to heal–in nature, in a group, in connection with Spirit. It was a deep experience of right-relationship with all these things.

I was going through an intensely difficult transition (the end of a long-term relationship), and looking back it could have been one that left me bruised and even bitter.

I credit the ritual in large part for turning an experience that could have been traumatic into one that was healing, and ultimately, restorative.

That ritual launched me on a 6-month journey to reclaiming many lost pieces of myself. It was truly powerful.” –Emma McCreary

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